The main characteristics of industrial robots:


Advanced technology of industrial robot in precision, flexible, intelligent, software application development, advanced manufacturing technology, through the implementation of detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making of the implementation process, increase production, improve quality, reduce costs, reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution, is the highest expression of the level of industrial automation.


Technical upgrading of industrial robots and automation equipment with fine manufacture, fine processing and flexible production technologies, is the second power machinery, computer, a new generation of production tools fully extended to appear the physical strength and intelligence, is the implementation of the production automation, digitization, networked and intelligent means.


◆Wide range of applications. Industrial robots and automation equipment is the key equipment in the production process, can be used in the manufacture, installation, testing, logistics and other production processes, and is widely used in automobile and auto parts, engineering machinery, rail transportation, electric power, low-voltage electrical appliances, equipment, military, financial, tobacco, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and printing and other industries which is widely used in many fields.


◆The technology is comprehensive. Complete sets of industrial robots and automation technology, and the integration of a number of disciplines, relates to the technical field of many, including industrial robot technology, robot simulation, robot dynamics and finite element analysis, laser processing technology, modular design, intelligent measurement, modeling and processing integration, factory automation and logistics and other advanced manufacturing technology, technology comprehensive.

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